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Settlements and Industry


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Mountains & Deserts

Devil's Tower, in northeastern Wyoming, was America's first National Monument. It celebrated its centennial in 2006.

Blacktail Butte is a prominent landmark on visual approach to Jackson Hole Airport in Grand Teton National Park.

Close-up of sand dunes, undulating shapes formed by wind, Southwest Wyoming desert (winner, 2004 PAPA award).

Fragile Red Desert landscape illuminated by rainbow in Southwest Wyoming.

Eroded sedimentary landforms appear painted in Southwest Wyoming.

Waves in the largest moving sand dune complex in North America, in Southwest Wyoming.

Winter snow belies shrinking glaciers on the flanks of Gannett Peak, Sublette County, Wyoming.

Western slope of the Gros Ventre Range drains into the Hoback River.

Red Hills along the Gros Ventre River on its way to meet the Snake.

"Hole in the Wall" Country near Kaycee, Wyoming in the Southern Big Horns.

Killpecker Dunes oasis, essential to the rare desert elk, small herds of pronghorn, and wild horses.

A Barkhan dune in Southwest Wyoming shows steady movement.

Red Cliff Ridge in the Gros Ventre Wilderness.

Rolling dune indicates sustained winds over 25 mph southeast of Eden Valley, Wyoming.

Upper Titcomb Lake in glacial basin below Mt. Sacagawea and Fremont Peak.

Desert habitat for wild horses, mule deer, pronghorn, elk, and now, wolves.

Rugged Tavaputs Plateau towers 5,000 feet above the Green River in Desolation Canyon.

The famous Boar's Tusk landmark commands the desert north of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Heart Butte, in the high desert north of Rock Springs, Wyoming, gleams with fresh snow.

Three Fords Canyon on the Green River between Desolation and Gray Canyons in Utah's desert.


The Big Sandy River originates on the west slope of the Wind River Mountains.

A ribbon of 40-acre homestead parcels follows the Big Sandy to a large reservoir on the Sublette-Sweetwater County line.

Boysen Reservoir, between Owl Creek Mountains, Shoshoni and Wind River Canyon, stores precious irrigation water.

Preserved homestead ranch on Lake Catamount in Routt County, Colorado.

Reclaimed gravel pit in the "South Valley" area near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Willow Lake has a crescent shape from sequential glaciation periods in Western Wyoming.

Evidence of a glaciated past in landscape southwest of Minneapolis.

Fish habitat project for Basin Hydrology on Elk River in Northwest Colorado.

Fremont Lake stores water for irrigation, municipal supply and instream flow.

Gypsum Creek braids into the Green below the Moose/Gyp Trailhead in the Wind River Mountains.

The Gros Ventre River flows beneath sandstone bluffs toward the Snake River.

Headwaters of the Green River (featured in "The Fur Trade and Rendezvous of the Green River Valley").

Streambank improvement project in the Yampa River in Northwest Colorado.

Half Moon and Fremont Lakes provide deep cold water for the elusive lake trout.

Lake Catamount spillway and dam regulating water storage on the Yampa River.

Historic Black Butte Ranch pasture loop on the Green River.

The confluence of New Fork River and Pole Creek is just south of the Pinedale Airport.

This oxbow is becoming a slough off the main channel of the Green River.

Pine Creek joins the New Fork River south of Pinedale, Wyoming.

The Sweetwater River headwaters in the southern Wind River Mountains

Silt from a massive landslide colors Upper New Fork Lake in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains.

Gray Canyon of the Green River ends at the Book Cliffs north of Green River, Utah.

National Historic Landmark Desolation Canyon was named by Major Powell in his 1869 expedition down the Green River.

Wide lazy bend in the Green River through Uinta Basin, south of Vernal, Utah.

Settlements & Industry

Louisiana-based Knight Oil and Tool Co. facility in Rock Springs, Wyoming

All Terrain Excavating's portable crane at new construction site in Routt County, Colorado.

Casper, Wyoming, a business hub for central Western states.

Steamboat Springs County Airport construction shot of hangars and tarmac.

Dehydration pit for drilling fluids on the Pinedale Anticline.

Huge gas reserves south of Pinedale, Wyoming have brought many drilling companies to Sublette County.

Lake Catamount Resort surrounded by pasture in conservation easement with Yampa Valley Land Trust.

Storm Mountain Development in the preserved Walton Creek drainage south of Steamboat Springs.

Light industrial complex near Pinedale, Wyoming.

Historic Z-U Ranch along Willow Creek east of Cora, Wyoming.

Half Moon Lake Marina below White Pine Ski Resort, Sublette County, Wyoming.

Mark Domek's lumber mill at industrial park below Kemmerer, Wyoming airport.

New roof on Middle School by Siplast Company in Evanston, Wyoming.

Abandoned homestead on the Green River near Warren Bridge, Sublette County, Wyoming.

LaBarge, Wyoming on the Green River in Lincoln County.

Gas well spacing on the Mesa in Sublette County, Wyoming in 2005.

Moose Village near historic Menor's Ferry in Grand Teton National Park.

Construction progress update for Pinedale, Wyoming schools.

Treatment lagoons near proposed subdivision in Pinedale, Wyoming.

Grain and silage storage in South Dakota.

Native American rock alignment appears to point the way through a mountain pass.

Rock rings on Teepee Ridge, possibly from Native American dwellings.

Teepee Ridge, Sommers Ranch on the Green River's Cottonwood corridor.
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The Upper Green River Cattle Association moves cattle through forest land above the Circle S Ranch.

Historic Black Butte Ranch, homesteaded in early 1900s by Billy Hill.

Migratory waterfowl habitat planting on the O Bar Y Ranch on the Green River.

Native hay mowed and raked into windrows north of Pinedale, Wyoming.

Holding the herd to "pair up" cows and calves in the fall near Cora, Wyoming.

High country ranches provide high-quality hay, pasture, and wildlife habitat.

Historic Circle S Ranch, homesteaded in early 1900s by the Showers Family.

Precisely stacked hay bales are accessible to feed during long Sublette County winters.

Careful estate planning helps keep a ranch in the family for more generations.

Beginning repairs after spring blow-out on the Canyon Ditch, Sublette County, Wyoming.

Repair completed by Noble Construction on the Canyon Ditch in Sublette County, Wyoming.

Green River paralleled by Canyon Ditch carrying irrigation and stock water.

Fall roundup at Trapper's Point, ancient migratory corridor for mule deer, pronghorn, and elk.

The original homestead ditch on the "Finn Place" was manually dug with horsepower near Cora, Wyoming.

Vertical shot of Clear Creek running through ranchland east of Sheridan, Wyoming.

Aerial Valentine in fallow field near East Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Big Horn Equestrian Center, Sheridan, Wyoming. Polo field developed by horse breeding ranches.

Established sheep ranch on Big Sandy River at season's end, after shipping.

Homestead meadows pattern the Gros Ventre River Valley.

Cora Valley native hay meadows are irrigated by Willow Creek and the New Fork River.

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